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Ashton’s 10th Birthday Party: Minecraft

Pin It So, about a week before his 10th birthday, Ashton decided he wanted a Minecraft themed birthday party.  Thank goodness for Pinterest!  I was able to pull it off!

May you have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving (and here’s a freebie)!

Pin It I hope you are enjoying your holiday with your family today!  From our family to yours, may you have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday!

Weight Loss, High School Reunions & National Night Out

Pin It So, my twentieth high school reunion was this past weekend.  Had a BLAST!  Even though these were people I hadn’t seen in forever!  Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to keep up with most of them on Facebook!  Discovered a… Continue Reading →

I’m a Guru!

Pin It You know what? People have no clue what kind of work goes into producing a church service or event…period.  And if it’s a smaller church, it’s usually manned and powered by your church volunteers (yay for the volunteers!)…. Continue Reading →

♥ It’s a Family Reunion ♥

Pin It (This was supposed to have been posted last September!  LOL!  But if you’re looking for a songlist/playlist for a family reunion…well, you’re welcome!) My husband’s annual family reunion is this weekend.  And I’ve been tasked with the music…. Continue Reading →

Rabbit Love

Pin It Well-check Visit (to the “exotic animal” vet) $85

16 Year Olds, Cars, Graduating High School & Proud Mama Moments

Pin It Our day was SO BUSY yesterday! Last month, we were just scheduled to head to my oldest son’s high school graduation (about an hour and a half away) – he does not live with us. He lives in… Continue Reading →

DIY Train Decor/Wall Art

Pin It So, I ran across some ideas for train decorating for my 9 year old’s room.  One of them was this framed wall print. Looked easy enough to DIY, so I did!  I used Photoshop, though if you don’t… Continue Reading →

It’s my anniversary!

Pin It No, not of my wedding (though come October 1st, that’ll be ten years), but it will be my 17-year anniversary of being

Iced In!!!

Pin It So, north Texas has been iced in since Thursday evening. Good times! We’ve done almost all our Christmas decorating – there’s still some outside decorating that needs to be done, which ain’t happening in the ice. We’ve got… Continue Reading →

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