16 Year Olds, Cars, Graduating High School & Proud Mama Moments

Our day was SO BUSY yesterday! Last month, we were just scheduled to head to my oldest son’s high school graduation (about an hour and a half away) – he does not live with us. He lives in a group home and has thrived very well in that environment (versus the traditional public school system).

A few weeks ago, however, I was informed that my 16 year was selected (out of a pool of 8 students) to represent her high school at a drawing for a free car in our school district (of 16 high schools). So, yesterday morning, we went to that before heading out to the graduation.

And.she.WON!!! A brand new car! WOW! I mean, it wasn’t like we were really expecting her to win…that is just not the kind of luck we have. She is a great kid and does deserve it, though! Active in extra-curricular activities, good grades, perfect attendance, not a problem child at all!

And.he.GRADUATED. Along with our “inherited” other kiddo there, Dusty!

I am one PROUD but TIRED mama!

Class of 2014

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