Weight Loss, High School Reunions & National Night Out

2014-10-04THS20YearReunion001aSo, my twentieth high school reunion was this past weekend.  Had a BLAST!  Even though these were people I hadn’t seen in forever!  Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to keep up with most of them on Facebook!  Discovered a few more who live in the metroplex area, too.  We’re making plans for our next reunion in five years and mini-gatherings between now and then, too.  Should be fun!

No one has “grown up” in twenty years, we’ve all gained like 30 pounds but otherwise look like ourselves in high school and no one cared at all what went on in high school!  I guess it was kind of an assumption that we just let bygones be bygones (if any) and move on. It was great!

20141004 2014-10-04 THS 20 Year Reunion II 001-2

So, it’s time to get back on track with my weight loss journey now that the stress of the reunion has passed (I was on the planning committee).  I lost 2.4 pounds overnight, I’m sure just by making sure I was drinking fluids again, so I know my body was craving this again!  Now, to just get back on track with exercising…walking, at the least.

Walking should be easier as we are in the middle of a “10,000 Steps Strong” walking program at work (Hey!  They gave us a free pedometer and a chance to win an iPad just for signing up and logging our steps at least once!).  At least the dress shoes are comfy!  🙂


Does your neighborhood participate in National Night Out?  NNO is pushed back to the second Tuesday in October as an option for neighborhoods in Texas due to the extreme heat in August (when the rest of the nation is likely celebrating it). Ironically, this year we hit a record, nearing 100 degrees!  Go figure!

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