DIY Gift Wrap Organizer

Pin ItEvery year, our church has a fall festival (also known as harvest festival or Lord’s Acre) and it includes a live auction.  I LOVE the auctions.  

DIY Raisins

Pin ItOK…so there aren’t a whole lot of pictures for this tutorial because, well, it just isn’t that hard! Make your own, naturally sweet raisins in a food dehydrator! Simply purchase the ripest and sweetest grapes you can find, then wash the… Continue Reading →

DIY Peel & Stick Tiles under Sinks

Pin ItI think I ran across this one on Pinterest, but am not 100% sure (Googled and found it here)!  At any rate, it didn’t take very long and was pretty easy to do!  I purchased about 25 peel and… Continue Reading →

DIY Tutorial: Yard Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Pin ItWhat could be better than playing outside when the weather is good?  How about a permanent game of Tic-Tac-Toe?  All the pieces are already here!  No paper waste and no assembly required!  Everything is weatherproof and should stay nearby, barring small… Continue Reading →

Organizing…thanks to Pinterest!

Pin ItSo, Pinterest can be a bad influence…or good.  I’ve wasted many hours of my life browsing it for ideas.  And I’ve found some good ones! I have lots of Pinterest boards.  One for Weight Watcher recipes.  One for fitness…. Continue Reading →

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