DIY Gift Wrap Organizer

Every year, our church has a fall festival (also known as harvest festival or Lord’s Acre) and it includes a live auction.  I LOVE the auctions.  Even if I don’t directly participate (either by donation, helping out in some form or actively bidding), this thing is just FUN to watch!  They bring in an auctioneer, he’s usually pretty entertaining, and then the crowd gets carried away!  Items you didn’t think would do well can sometimes go extravagantly well, which is all good since it goes to the church!

At any rate, the live auction usually consists of homemade items or gift baskets donated by some of the church classrooms or some other kind of knick-knack, like holiday decorations or yard art.

I’ve been really wanting to complete some woodworking projects, so I opted to build a gift wrap organizer, fill it and donate it to the auction for fall festival.  This is the result!

I got the original plans from Ana White (you can find the plans HERE and you can see my “brag post” HERE).  Waiting for the paint to dry and sanding took the longest.  All in all, without paint dry time, it took 8-10 hours.  It wasn’t too hard…I did it ALL myself.  And including all the gift wrap and accessories, it cost about $50 to complete!  I really hope it does well in the auction!

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