DIY Peel & Stick Tiles under Sinks

I think I ran across this one on Pinterest, but am not 100% sure (Googled and found it here)!  At any rate, it didn’t take very long and was pretty easy to do!  I purchased about 25 peel and stick tiles (found in the flooring near the laminate in your home improvement store) at $0.38 each…whatever they had cheapest was fine by me!  As looking at any coordinating material would be better than that nasty contact paper left from the 70’s!  Simply clean off your surface under your sinks as best you can, then peel off the backing of the tiles and adhere to the clean, dry surface!  If you need to cut around corners, etc., use a box cutter (and cut-proof surface underneath) to score, then bend the tile back to snap off the cut piece!

DIY Peel & Stick Tiles
DIY Peel & Stick Tiles

It probably took 20-30 minutes each sink for me to complete!  If you try this, don’t forget to take a before and after photo and come back and share it!

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