Organizing…thanks to Pinterest!

So, Pinterest can be a bad influence…or good.  I’ve wasted many hours of my life browsing it for ideas.  And I’ve found some good ones!

I have lots of Pinterest boards.  One for Weight Watcher recipes.  One for fitness.  One for DIY.  One for kids.  One for gardening.  And one for organization.

So I ran across this pin and ran right out to get started on mine, too!  Only, the back of our closet door is already accounted for (has many hooks that hold scarves, umbrellas, hats and mittens).  However, there is room inside the closet for us to accomplish this (where I once stored the overstuffed wrapping paper supply bag, like this one here)!  So, that’s what we did instead!

20130513_213631a 20130513_213642a 20130513_213656a 20130513_213736a

I got everything at The Container Store.  The shiny bag came in a set of 2 for $16.99, Add-A-Pocket.  The shelves the rolls are sitting in are Rubbermaid Cleanser Racks and were $3.99 each.  And the white wire baskets are by a company called Metaltex and the packaging says Multy but I can’t locate the item on the website…they were $6.99 each.

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