Iced In!!!

So, north Texas has been iced in since Thursday evening. Good times! We’ve done almost all our Christmas decorating – there’s still some outside decorating that needs to be done, which ain’t happening in the ice. We’ve got Christmas cards READ MORE


This is our cat…I guess we call her Kitty but she technically doesn’t have a name. ¬†I only called her that because the vet’s office requested a name. ¬†She came into our lives shortly after we moved into our house READ MORE


Hank in our rescue dog. ¬†He is a 62-pound black¬†Labrador¬†mix…very sweet and¬†lovable¬† though seems a little ADHD at times. He will be 3 in June. ¬†He hates the water and doesn’t retrieve (but plays keep away very well)! He is READ MORE