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So, I was reading this post over at Skinny Mom, and it got me to wondering…what are non-food ways to reward yourself?  How many different ways can you celebrate without food? If you’re like me in your weight loss journey, your first instinct may be to reward a weight loss goal with food.  That’s not the route to go, though.  Doesn’t that kind of defeat your ultimate goal?

The number one reward I have come up with is shopping!  New clothes for the new you!  You’ll need new digs as you outgrow your larger things anyways, right?

The other way is a manicure and/or pedicure.  I, personally, head right over to our beauty school…it’s in a good location (our closest mall) and it’s cheap and it’s still a pampering!  🙂

What other ways could you reward yourself?

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