OK…so a photog friend of mine had posted a photo of this place on his Facebook timeline…and!

So, GO, I did! And drug my 11 year old and 20 year old with me. 🙂  ‘Cuz I’m an awesome momma like that!  It was a bit further than I had anticipated but it was still neat!  And, for the record, I offered to pack a picnic lunch so we could stop at a park in Weatherford on the way back home but the kids turned that down!

This little gem is located in Gordon, Texas…the middle of nowhere by my definition!  Had my friend not posted it, I don’t think I’d have ever known about it…though I should, as we have a high school senior heading to Texas Tech this fall and we’ve driven past it a few times now!

The best my research could find was that this was an old Sinclair gas station turned diner. The name stems from the trolley car and the fact that it is located off Exit 373!

Very neat! Enjoy!


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  1. The bldg has been completely refurbished and appears to be an Indian restaurant. A/O around Jan. 2024. Thanks for the pics.

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