Air Power Expo

I admit it. I immediately get giddy and turn into a BIG friggin’ kid for an air show!

Growing up, we would drive an hour away every year to our local air force base (Barksdale AFB in Shreveport, LA) and the highlight was always watching the Thunderbirds perform! We’d make a day of the event (but OH, the parking and walking!). We’d browse the display aircraft and booths; collect stickers, coloring books, brochures and other freebies. It was GREAT!


Now, however, it’s so hard to get my busy family together to attempt to this BUT…we LIVE within 2 miles of a base (Carswell NRB JRB)!  We didn’t make it on to the base for either show, Saturday or Sunday, but I know some other fantastic, easily accessible areas for watching!  Plus, we got Thursday and Friday of practice time, too!

Anyhoo…onto air show photos!

Do you have any great air show memories?

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