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So, 10 years ago or so, our scrapbooking pal, Crystal, got engaged. A few us girls got together and made her an album…

Here was what I sent out in our group….too funny looking back on it now, but it was a great idea!

Crystal‘s Wedding Gift

OK!  First of all, I was using the old roll call for e-mail addresses, so if I’ve skipped some folks you know about or I have the wrong e-mail address (I guess I’ll know if this message bounces back!), please forward this to them and have them e-mail me if they’re interested! I was thinking we could do a wedding book for Crystal…something simple.  Maybe just journaling and then include a picture of yourself or something on your page, so Crystal knows who you are!  Do whatever – words of advice, wedding quotes, song lyrics, a poem…WHATEVER! I will be more than happy to put this together, I just need to get some input about what size we should make the book!  I don’t have any albums, but I can hand make a cover for the album if I need to!  So, any suggestions and who wants to participate?  Please respond to my e-mail address, so I can keep it organized!  Thanks!

~Tina (bizkid1 – SWS’ Scooper of General Scrap!)

It’s great to see how my scrapping style has changed in time! Do you ever go back and look at your old scrap projects? How do you feel about them now?

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