Christmas Crafts & Caroling

Do you love the dollar store?

I do! And I love Christmas! And I love crafts! I love Christmas caroling! So, what do you get when you throw all those together?

Jingle Bell Toss Game AND a Jingle Bell Cup Game!

Neither of these are my original idea. I got them from Meghan over at Playground Parkbench.

I used 12 of a 20-pack of mini cups, half a sheet of foamboard, a small amount of gold tinsel garland and 10 green bells for this game.

You can get the instructions for the Jingle Bell Toss Game here.

I used 8 mini cups, 8 green bells, some red chenille yarn and tongue depressor sticks that I already had on hand.

You can get the instructions for the Jingle Bell Cup Game here.

We’ll be playing both of these after caroling tonight!

Have you made any Christmas crafts this season yet? Share in the comments!

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